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I’m done for this weekend. Goodnight.

After going to Canada, I was inspired to ride my bike to places. So from now on, at least twice a week I will ride my bike to school. It’s going to be much different but it’s something I’m really looking forward to doing. I’m just hoping no one steals my bike.

Recently, I don’t know why but I haven’t been talking/thinking much. I just don’t really know how to communicate as well anymore.

I actually almost cried today after Spanish. I’m not going to lie. Getting put into Spanish after one year of freedom is brutal. I have never felt so lost. The worst part is i’m put with freshmen. The Spanish isn’t even that hard but it feels like they’re speaking a whole different language (which in this case, they are). It’s crazy. I sit in the back of class just staring at the paper trying to decipher this puzzle while the girl next to me is breezing through with ease and enjoyment. At least I’m having a break tomorrow even though I’m missing out on the first pep rally day. -_-’ It’s not like I had any spirit anyways. At least I’ll be doing powder puff. (Where guys are the cheerleaders and girls are the players).

First day of school was interesting.

My schedule was not exactly what I wanted therefore I have to spend the next few days in and out of the counselors office (which I despise).

On the bright side, I got a FAT stack of sticky notes that I’m planning to use.

I find my self always making a note for when I get home, sort of like a to-do list, and before I go to sleep, a list for the next morning.

I plan to sacrifice more of my social life this year to put more into the AP classes. I’M GETTING THOSE 5’S THIS YEAR. (AP Lang and World)

Hopefully I get moved to AP Photo which was the original plan to begin with, now I’m spanish 3. AFTER DROPPING IT FOR ONE YEAR. Let’s hope it all goes well.

Successfully downloaded Gangnam Style on my Ipod.

CD Mosaics by Mirco Pagano & Moreno De Turco

Mosaics of famous musicians created out of their own albums. Around 6500 CD’s were collectively used for all the images and the effect is outstanding. They were created for an anti piracy campaign and the full set can be seen here.Artist: | Behance | [via: Visual News]


It isn’t a game anymore, well it really never was from the start. I was just never hit with reality. I will be alone. Once my parents pass and my brother pass (REALLY NOT HOPING THAT WILL HAPPEN), I will actually be alone. No one to go to. Secluded in a world with billions of strangers or as some call “friends”. It’s terrifying to think about this monumental conception. As we are made only to find that one “other” to continue this tradition.

No wonder I stay up all night. Why am I so abnormal.

Getting my first paycheck today.



LED Street Arts by Ojo Señor

The eyes may be the window to the soul but no one who ever saw glow-y cat eyes in the middle of the night was doing too much contemplating. Ojo captures this more frightening aspect of eyes and turns them on with LED lights laced into his posters. It’s then plastered along the streets, his cat, children, and Poe eyes all the better to see you with…

Artist: Tumblr (via: meh.ro)

I have playlists called…

  • Chill
  • Normal Music
  • Oldschool
  • Remixes
  • shhh

How random is that. I really worry about myself and my taste for music. I kinda don’t like it because when ever I’m with people everyone knows the popular song on the radio and they sing along. I just kinda sit there awkwardly. Then when I put my music on, I’m going crazy cause it’s my music. THEN everyone else is like ._.

Yeah, I’m going to fail AP lang this year. I can see it already.